TerraCraftMain Menu preview.A preview of almost all the blocks in TerraCraft.

TerraCraft is a rather simplistic texturepack that adds a clean look to MineCraft, with recently added support for KodaichiZero's Bunny Mod. Send me a PM on the MineCraft forums if you find anything wrong with the pack, or check out the official topic here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1021&t=84177

Change Log

TerraCraft v1.3 FIXED

Added all 1.2 Update items to items.png.

Forgot about that. D:


TerraCraft v1.3

Added all the new blocks for the 1.2 update that was released on Thursday,

and fixed the furnaces, as they were shifted down a row. Also retextured the Dispenser GUI.


TerraCraft v1.2.5

Fixed mutant chickens. (Yes, they were actually REALLY trucked up.)

Added textures for Bunnies for KodaichiZero's Bunny Mod. Find it here:



TerraCraft v1.2


All Missing Mobs With The Exception of Ghasts


TerraCraft v1.1

Fixed redstone wire and torches.

Added mobs.

Added more noise to gravel, so it's easily distinguishable from stone.



New particles.

In-Game menus such as Inventory and Crafting have been added.

Boats and minecarts added.



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