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Sphax PureBDCraft

Compatible to Version: Beta 1.7

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128x128 (HD)

Designed to let you play Minecraft as if you were in a Comic book!
Note: This pack is "vector based" and is available in all common resolutions from 16x16 to 512x512. However, the privileged resolution will be 128x128.
Use the resolution which fit the "performance" of your computer!

- Official gallery: screenshots of different versions
- Budsharpe's gallery 1: Main Estate - MC1.7.3 and PureBDCraft v0.6.5
- Budsharpe's gallery 2: Medieval Town - with MC1.7.3 and PureBDCraft v0.6.5
- Some 512x512 pictures: The power of vectors (512x512 version).


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Change Log

v0.6.8 - Aether support:

- MOD: Added Aether Mod support for GUI, blocks and items (included in the texturepack AND separated download)
- MOD: Added Mystic Mods support for blocks only (separated download) - download the separated PATCH for this MOD
- MOD: Added Bookmod Mod support for full content (separated download) - download the separated PATCH for this MOD
- ITEMS: Added Helmet/Chest/Pants/Boots Leather Armor items (not the skin yet)
- TERRAIN: Changed Stone texture (looks like less "smooth" and more natural)
- TERRAIN: Changed all ores with the new stone texture
- TERRAIN: Changed Sandstone to be a bit like the new stone texture
- TERRAIN: Changed Stone-slab to be a bit like the new stone texture
- TERRAIN: Changed brick-block texture (they are the same size and more squares)
- TERRAIN: Smaller gravel pattern to looks like a bit more "gravel".
- SKIN: Tweaked cow skin (the eyes are not anymore too spaced and look cuter now)
- GUI: Bug corrected with the mis-alignment in the furnace GUI



Because this is a HD texture pack, you will need to use the MCPatcher first!

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