Sharp Design Texture Pack

Compatible to Version: 1.3.x

Bit of a bad angle, but oh well xDLooks on the material of the house.Texture pack is updated for MC 1.3!Tools, chests, etc...

x1Gambler1x's Sharp Design Texture Pack
Do you want a sharper and more cleaner design than the default texture pack? Well, this texture is the one for you! Kind of a cheap way of getting you to download this texture pack, but that will do! Haha, anyways...

Keep in mind that this texture pack was recently updated for Minecraft Beta 1.3, including:
•Slabs/Half-steps (Stone, Cobblestone, Sandstone and Wood Planks)
•Delay/Repeater Redstone, etc...

All feedback is needed, I definitely need someone's opinion on this texture pack. This was my first texture pack (of course), and I will accept opinions, but not harsh ones :p


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